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July 25, 2011

Get Google+ Invitations

Get Google+ Invitations
Finally I get my hands on Google+ account. I believe it’s a nice approach from Google and so far, the only best feature in Google+ is Google circles. This will help you to personalize your account quickly and more over you can control your privacy.

Apart from Circles, it looks a mixture of Orkut and Facebook. It will be fun to see, how Google+ is going to change the way we use social networking sites. Anyways, for Geekonik readers, I’m giving away Google+ invitation and to get the invitations, you need to follow 3 simple things.

How to get Google+ invitation:
We are giving away Google+ invitations, and to get Google+ invitation complete following things:

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Then Do Following Things :

  1. Like Our Page. (1)
  2. Subscribe Us Via Email (2)

3. Give Us +1 (3) / Follow Us on Networked Blogs (4)

After Completing Above Mentioned 3 Steps. Comment Below with Your E-mail Id.

We Will Be Sending You Google+ invitations.. After Verification

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